Application Process

Application Process for Land Divisions (CSMs, plats, etc)

The Town of Oconto Falls administers and enforces land division and subdivision regulations in the township.  For CSMs, Quit Claim Deeds, Plats of Survey, Subdivision Plats, and other land divisions, please click on ‘Application for Sketch Plan’ form under  Application Forms and Permits.  Print and complete a copy of the ‘Application for Sketch Plan’ form and submit to:

Randy Schlorf,       Chairman

Town of Oconto Falls Plan Commission

9110  Holtz Road

Oconto Falls, Wi.  54154

The Town of Oconto Falls Land Division & Subdivision Regulations require that applicants submit a completed Sketch Plan/Concept Plat to the Plan Commission for review and discussion prior to the review of any CSM, Quit Claim Deed, Plat of Survey, and Subdivision Plat.  The purpose of the Sketch Plan/Concept Plat is to allow landowners to bring a proposed land division before the Plan Commission for preliminary review prior to committing significant resources and expenses into the project.  There is no fee associated with the Sketch Plan/Concept Plat.

The Town cannot except applications completed on an Oconto County Application for Land Division form.

For a copy of the Town of Oconto Falls Land Division & Subdivision Regulations click on the Land Division & Subdivision Regulations under Plan and Ordinances

If you have any questions regarding completion and submittal of the application forms please contact:

Plan Commission Chairman, Randy Schlorf, at 920-846-3410 or


Jamie Broehm, Oconto County  Planning Department, at 920-834-6827 or


Application Process for Rezones

Oconto County administers and enforces zoning regulations in the Town of Oconto Falls.  To rezone property in the Town please contact Jamie Broehm,  Oconto County Planning Department, at 920-834-6827, by email at, or go under Links and click on the link for a copy of the Oconto County Rezone Application Packet.